TAG Capital - Raise Funds to start up your Recruitment Business

Why partner with TAG Capital?

We are an independent recruitment investor

We are private investors who invest our own money in recruitment businesses. This means that we are not subject to the same stringent investment criteria and deal structure constraints usually experienced by institutional investors enabling us to be much more flexible and to move faster.

We are recruitment industry specialists

As experts in the field we understand your industry, not only from an investment point of view but also as practitioners. We talk your language and can quickly assess your business plan and assess the potential of the opportunity. We know the questions to ask you and we will understand your answers.

Recruitment Partners, not just investors

TAG Capital Partners is an operationally focussed investment business – we are here to work with you to grow your business, not just to provide the funding. You will be able to access direct support from Partners, who have a combined 50 years’ experience of growing businesses just like yours.

Earn while you build

Our unique investment model allows our recruitment entrepreneurs to “earn while they build” and to draw a guaranteed salary whilst the business gets going. Coupled with an attractive equity package, we are able to make the transition to being your own boss both initially financially viable and ultimately very rewarding indeed.

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