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Investment and Business Advisory Services to the Recruitment & HR Services Sector

We invest in and provide advisory services to talented, motivated individuals and teams who possess a real drive to succeed and who can demonstrate the potential for significant future growth for their business. As an investment partner or as an advisory client, support and expert advice is offered in the following areas:

Operational Support

At the outset, we will work with you to fine tune your business plan, ensuring that any potential risk is mitigated and that your business goals stand the very best chance of being achieved. Whether you are looking to launch your business or further develop an existing one, we can help you avoid the possible pitfalls and accelerate your growth. As your business grows, we will help you maximise performance through helping you to secure new business and continually improve operational efficiency.

Business Advisory Services

TAG Capital Partners delivers a wide range of business advisory services specifically to the Recruitment & HR Services Sector. Our partners provide expert advice and guidance across a number of strategic and operational areas including business strategy, marketing & branding, preparing for growth, value creation, exit planning, building management teams, business development and candidate generation.

Coaching, Training & Mentoring

Being an entrepreneur can sometimes be a lonely existence and many are left to work through challenges on their own. TAG’s Partners act as your own personal coach and mentor. You will have over 50 years of successful entrepreneurial experience and sector expertise to draw upon, ensuring that you never have to feel alone. As experts in the sector, the personal development and training of your team at both the consultant and Senior Management level is guaranteed.

Back Office Support Services

As an entrepreneur in an early stage business there are many demands on your time. A great deal of your time easily can be spent administering, rather than growing, the business. TAG can provide a range of back office support services from finance, payroll, credit control, IT support, HR and facilities management that enable you to spend more of your time focussing on the activities that will have the maximum impact on the future growth of your business.

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