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Business Advisory Services

TAG Capital Partners delivers a wide range of business advisory services, targeted solely to the Recruitment & HR Services Sector. Our partners provide sector specific expertise in a variety of areas including:

Business strategy

TAG Capital Partners can help you establish a clear strategic direction for your recruitment business. We can explore and evaluate the strategic options available, facilitate the decision-making process in respect of the chosen strategic route, develop a robust and comprehensive business plan and determine what/if any further funding is required.

Marketing & Branding

Your marketing strategy and plan is essential to the future success of your business. TAG’s Partners have launched and developed numerous successful brands in the Recruitment and HR Services sector and will work with you to develop your own brand into one with a strong identity and a compelling customer offer. In addition, practical assistance with website and marketing collateral design, social media marketing and CRM development is also available

Preparing for growth and value creation

TAG Capital Partners can assist you in determining the most likely and attractive paths to future business growth. If your goal is to create a business of significant future value, then value generating growth is absolutely essential. TAG Capital’s Partners have an unrivalled track record and knowledge of value creation in the sector and can help you build a business of significant value at the point of exit.

Building management teams

The need for exceptional leaders and talent has never been greater. Investment in Leadership and Talent development programs is therefore essential for any business particularly in a period of continual growth. TAG Capital Partners can help you identify and then create a plan to develop your leadership team to match the goals of the business. We use our own experiences as business owners to help determine leadership development programmes that have real impact, avoiding the trap of training for training’s sake.

Business development and candidate generation

Most recruitment businesses are continuously fighting to overcome one or both of the following challenges: not enough new business or a shortage of quality candidates. Sometimes it is advisable to take a fresh look at what you are doing to overcome these sort of challenges – after all, if you do the same things, you get the same results! TAG’s Partners have seen many different routes to market and can help you to determine the most appropriate ones for your own business.

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